Ski edit shot in the Andes

It’s never a bad idea to start your day with a quick little ski edit. Bonus points, of course, if that ski edit is super chill, and even more bonus points if that ski edit gets you super hyped for the forthcoming ski season.

Huge bonus points, too, if that ski edit only has a little over 400 views, so you get to feel a bit special that you found it first (and it just feels a bit more personal that way).

Farellones Freeride! Great times with the boys in some local zones!” – Julian Leeds

If you find yourself hungering for similar clips, Julian Leeds (the original poster) has a ton more videos on their channel. I haven’t watched them all myself, so I can’t promise you that they’ll all be this relaxing/chill/sick, but they’re all the same person. There’s even three more POV videos from the Andes (where this clip is from), so there’s a little over ten minutes of this stuff in total.

Don’t disappoint yourself, watch good ski clips.

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Image Credit: julian Leeds via YouTube