Clever new snowboard design from the Skunk Worx division of Moonchild Snowboards with their Atlas prototype. For all you folks who love the freedom of powsurfing but also want to slap on a pair of bindings when the terrain dictates, you need to check this out. Here’s a scenario I hadn’t considered:

“Imaging using a ski lift in snowboard mode and riding powsurf on the side where pow is on the way down. Hybrid is the future for all snowboard/powsurf lovers.”

Such a neat approach for a ski resort pow day. The Altas isn’t available currently but is set for production this winter. More info HERE:

Atlas Hybrid

Atlas Hybrid (prototype) is the wold’s first hybrid snowboard.

Imagine hiking up with splitboard, riding powsurf where the pow is and where you come to hard pack transform it into a snowboard in less than a minute.

Imaging using a ski lift in snowboard mode and riding powsurf on the side where pow is on the way down. Hybrid is the future for all snowboard/ powsurf lovers.

This is the prototype, production will be set for the winter 23/ 24.


On a Mission

The Moonchild mission is to produce the highest quality, most unique and fun to ride snowboards on the market. Marcus and Jure were introduced through snowboard manufacturing forums and met officially, in-person, in 2017. That day was bluebird and a perfect powder day in the Austrian alps. The stoke was high and many high-fives and shred stories were shared that day. Marcus was impressed by how fun and unique Jure’s boards were. They each had different shapes but all provided amazing flow in the powder. The seed was planted and later in the season, Marcus and Jure decided to join forces.

We Eat, Sleep And Breathe Snowboarding – Literally

Moonchild is all about designing and building snowboards that are super maneuverable, float well in powder and keep a strong edge on groomers. All of our boards are a mixture of high-tech components, design, art, and craftsmanship. Marcus and Jure have both had a dream since the early days to build their own snowboards.

After learning the basics of construction, they took the next step and built their first official snowboard. The process and excitement of building your own board is so amazing that once you have started, there is no way back.

They were not, however, aware of how much work and effort it would take to start a real snowboard company but the seed was planted and it´s been full-speed-ahead to make Moonchild happen since that day back in 2017.

We believe that snowboard shapes are the key factor in how much fun you can have on the snow. Even if some of our models are built by a snowboard factory, we don’t use their standard shapes.

We have designed and R&D tested all our models before sending them to production and investing in the molding and tooling for that exact model.

Our prototype workshop is located in Jure´s house in Slovenia, there we can design, build and test whatever shape we want, there are no limits for us. We have recently joined forces with a small snowboard factory in Portugal where we can build all the Custom boards.

Marcus lives a couple hours from the factory and goes there often to help out and organize for the builds. Our custom boards are not about slapping customized graphics on predetermined shapes. We design a new shape based on each customer’s preferences.

We offer customized flex, materials and graphics on each build. You can’t ride a more unique shape than a Moonchild custom snowboard!

From Idea to Customer

Jure always starts by designing the shape and defining the camber profile first. The procedure is the same, whether it´s a production, or a custom snowboard.

Every detail of the side-cut radius is critical for us. When the shape is determined, we compare it to previous designs from our shape library to get a data about how the board will perform, even before it´s built.

The next step is designing a 3D-model to get a view of the aesthetics of the snowboard. Here, we can play with ideas and make some small adjustments to get that perfect shape. The wood core profile and materials are based on the reference flex and performance.

Before the board is ready for production, all the tools have to be adjusted to the profile and the outline shape. All the custom boards are built by Hugo and Marcus in our micro factory in Portugal.

If the design goes to serial production, the boards will be produced in bigger quantities but with the same quality and precision as our custom boards.

The last step in production is packing and shipping. We prefer to do it ourselves to have more control and to eliminate the possibility of damage.

If you’re lucky, Marcus might throw a Moonchild beanie or other swag into the box (depending on the time of the season and available stock).

Jerry Wesley is our contact for the U.S and Canadian orders. The boards will be shipped from Bellingham, WA. Jerry rides at Mt Baker whenever he has the free time.