“Metallica’s music video for “Too Far Gone?” featuring the world’s gnarliest skater aka Felipe Nunes.” –Tony Hawk

Didn’t wake up this morning thinking I’d be covering Metallica but its been fun going down duel rabbit holes of classic heavy metal and unfathomable talent of Brazilian skateboarder Felipe Nunes. No need to tell you about Metallica, if you don’t know them you’ve been living under a rock, but you may not be aware of the South American skateboard phenom. Felipe Nunes is a 22-year old double-amputee skater from Curitiba in Brazil who has set the skate scene ablaze with his hard charging style. Tony Hawk himself describes Felipe “the world’s gnarliest skater” so know he’s truly something special. Felipe’s skating is the perfect compliment to this Metallica track. So sick.

Here’s an excellent profile on Filipe by Red Bull Skateboarding:

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