Cover Image By: Ryan Jaunzemis

It was the tail end of the nineties, boy bands ruled TRL, frosted tips roamed the streets and for a select few, SOAP SHOES opened up an entire world of casual radness.  If you are not familiar let me get you up to speed. Basically the shoes looked like your normal pair of chunky late 90’s skate shoes but had aggressive rollerblade style grind plates on the bottom allowing the wearer to slide rails to the utter delight of mobs of people as seen in the video.  If you remember this moment in time enjoy this for its 1999 nostalgia. If you are little whippersnapper and have never laid eyes on the majesty a jnco jeans clad freestyle walker sliding down hand rails consider this a history lesson.


if you are considering getting into the sport can’t suggest a more appropriate hairstyle than this….butt cut!

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