An unfortunate trend in the United States is the rise in burglaries and thefts. This rise has been seen recently at ski resorts, with one individual arrested at Monarch Mountain in Colorado last month. Last week, another independent ski resort was burglarized.

On Thursday, police received a report that two individuals allegedly broke into numerous locations at Bolton Valley Resort. According to NBC 5, one of the individuals was identified as Jessica Kimball, who was detained after police spoke with her and identified some stolen goods in the woman’s vehicle.

She is charged with grand larceny, burglary, and possession of stolen property. Her court date is scheduled for October 12th. The Vermont State Police hasn’t released any details on the second suspect.

It’s a bummer to hear that this happened to Bolton Valley. The independent ski resort, which is owned by the DesLauriers family, is one of the best-hidden gems in the New England ski industry. Once again, I feel like I shouldn’t have to remind people of this, but please don’t burglarize a ski area. They have security guards and systems, and they’ll make you look like an imbecile.

Image Credits: Bolton Valley Resort, Ian Wood

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