Heavy rainfall over the weekend turned the typically debauchery-filled Burning Man into a more somber event, with most people not being able to leave until Monday evening. One person died at Burning Man, although this was determined to be not caused by the flooding.

Judson Graham has posted numerous videos about the Burning Man situation. The first video came on Sunday, which showed him going around the Burning Man campus and talking with people. He challenged the media narrative that people were running out of food and water. Since the festival was intended to not officially end until Monday, most had brought enough food and fluids with them to not run into any issues.

One of the more striking scenes came on Monday’s mass exodus of cars and other vehicles from the temporary city in Nevada. Judson Graham, who is a big paramotorist, decided to fly up to witness the mass exodus of cars. The exodus of vehicles, basically all at once, led to standstill traffic, making it more difficult to get out than usual. He listed the time to get out of the area to be around five hours.

The footage is extremely stunning, as he flies over the traffic, and gives a tour of the remains from the Burning Man event. A key takeaway from this situation is that anyone who’s considering the trip to Black Rock City should bring extra gear and supplies, as you never know what you’ll encounter.

Image/Video Credits: Judson Graham

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