Craigieburn Valley, which is known as one of the most extreme ski fields in New Zealand, also holds one of the toughest races. Each year, they host the Club Champs, which features a variety of skiing-themed competitions, along with some parties. One of the competitions is the classic downhill, which is referred to us here at Unofficial Networks as the Chinese Downhill.

For those who don’t know what a Chinese downhill is, it was immortalized in the ski movie Hot Dog. This is where everyone lines up at the starting area, and then races each other to the finish line. Unlike the cinematic version (I hopefully assume), physical contact while racing the other competitors is not allowed. The winner takes home the Weiringa trophy.

For a ski field that doesn’t have any grooming, the amount of speed that these guys showed was impressive. The race was so wild that the cameraman said: “Holy shit.” You can watch the race down below.

Image/Video Credits: Craigieburn Valley

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