1997 Home Video Shows How NOT To Ski Corbet's Couloir

Technology has brought us so many wonderful things. It provides a massive education at the tips of our fingers, gave healthcare a huge boost, allows us to easily connect with those thousands of miles away, and puts a high quality camera in everyones pocket so we can watch plenty of ski fails every day.

In the 90s, very few people had access to a camera on the mountain, so while we’re plenty used to watching GoPro clips of people wiping out today, seeing a good clip of that from the 90s is pretty rare. There are ski movies that show plenty of wipeouts, but the good amateur crashes aren’t common.

So, both to bring this gorgeous video to the front of your mind, but also just to remind you that skiing isn’t as easy as the professionals make it seem, here’s a video from 1997 showing how not to ski Corbet’s Couloir.

A brave skier attempts unsuccessfully to take on Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole. Randal Kenworthy gets behind the camera to capture the action.

I embedded the video right before he drops, but I recommend going to the beginning and watching the whole thing. It’s entirely a great flash back 1997.

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Image Credit: Jeff Coveney via YouTube