10-Year-Old Girl Shreds Corbet's Couloir

If you’re feeling the need for a little bit of pre-ski season inspiration, here’s a video of Tia DesLauriers crushing Corbet’s Couloir at just 10 years old.

So, miscellaneous-ski-bro-who-stood-at-the-top-of-Corbet’s-and-decided-to-turn-around, how does it feel? I’m not saying you suck at skiing, I’m just saying that there’s a 10-year-old out there who shredded a ski run that you were too scared to do while wearing bunny ears.

I’m not really one to talk, to be clear. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to stand at the top of the legendary couloir, but I can assure you that I would be quite puckered if I did. So yeah, maybe I’m admitting to being a worse skier than a 10-year-old. But are you really any better?

I’m betting Tia is ripping these days, and I wouldn’t be too surprised to find out that she’s crushing things some day in the future.

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Image Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort via Facebook