“As soon as we got out here I was like this is a terrible idea.”

Heart pounding video of surfer Koa Smith and friends attempting to shoot a gap in a rock arch off The Wild Coast aka The Transkei of South Africa. The water is unpredictable and turbulent as it passes through this breathtaking geological formation but they were up for the challenge.  Sketchy. 


The Wild Coast, known also as the Transkei, is a 250 Kilometre long stretch of rugged and unspoiled Coastline that stretches North of East London along sweeping Bays, footprint-free Beaches, lazy Lagoons and Rocky Headlands. Originally encompassing the Rural Transkei Region only, today the Wild Coast includes the pretty seaside Villages of the Jikeleza Route that run South along the Coastline between the Kei River and East London.