Jack of all boardsports, Shaun White, dropped by Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch to snag a few barrels and man does that wave look choice. Located in Lemoore, California (100 miles from the ocean) Kelly Slater’s manmade surf paradise features a 700-yard wave pool that pumps out a delicious variety of rideable water. MORE INFO BELOW.

Not the first time Shaun has been to Lemoore. In fact he caught his first real barrel of his lifetime there back in 2018:

Here’s some info on the Surf Ranch. Visitors are welcome but the price for guests isn’t readily apparent (there’s estimates online but not provided by Surf Ranch). If you’re interested in booking some time GO HERE:

Surf Ranch is powered by Kelly Slater Wave Systems, featuring a 6+ foot barreling wave of consequence that travels across a 2300-foot basin yielding rides up to a minute long. These are World Surf League Certified competitive waves, the same wave that challenges the best women and men surfers in the world during Championship Tour competition. We understand this wave is not for everyone, so the system also provides intermediate waves and white-water surfing in our North end zone. There is something for everyone and each wave is made to order.

Up to six surfers are allowed in the basin per session to surf the main wave. Heat schedules and surfing formats are arranged by the Surf Team Manager and based on the surfer assessment completed in the registration process. Each wave will be designated to a priority surfer who takes off at the peak. Note that non-priority surfers are spread out along the basin in order to seize any opportunity should their fellow surfer wipe out during his or her ride. Just make sure not to burn your amigo if they’re slotted deep in the barrel and out of sight! Your Surf Team Manager will also inform and advise your group leader on “Wave Splitting” where two surfers split a wave in half.

Surf Ranch includes highly skilled Surf Coaches and Guides that provide personal in-water assistance to help you get the most out of your visit. Coaches are available to review waves you’ve surfed and suggest ways to improve using our video review system. Surfers can access their waves to view, analyze, and continue learning from their sessions well after they depart.

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