Just when you think you’ve seen every possible variation on diving some dude from Norway comes through one of the slickest things I’ve seen on the internet in a while. Cheers to Arne Haugland for the creativity and execution. Bravo.

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Arne is a competitive in Døds diving, also known as “Death Diving” or “Dødsing” in Norwegian. Døds is an extreme and daring sport that originated in Norway. It involves participants leaping from a high platform, often a 10-meter diving board, and assuming various gravity-defying poses before entering the water. The aim is to create a visually stunning and dramatic display of acrobatics while maintaining control and minimizing impact upon entry.

Unlike traditional diving or cliff diving, where grace and precision are emphasized, Døds diving is characterized by its emphasis on creativity, originality, and a touch of humor. Participants contort their bodies into imaginative shapes, mimicking anything from superheroes to animals, all while executing flips, twists, and spins. The spectacle is judged not only on the physical execution but also on the uniqueness of the pose and the overall entertainment value.

Døds diving requires a combination of courage, athleticism, and showmanship. It has gained a significant following, both in Norway and internationally, due to its thrilling nature and the captivating images it produces. The sport is often practiced in recreational settings like lakes, rivers, and pools, attracting participants who are willing to push their boundaries and challenge the norms of traditional diving.

Despite its name, Døds diving is not inherently lethal. Participants undergo training to ensure their safety, and the sport has evolved to include various safety measures. However, due to the high degree of risk involved in jumping from significant heights and attempting complex maneuvers, injuries can occur if not performed correctly.

Døds diving is an adrenaline-fueled and visually captivating sport that combines elements of acrobatics, diving, and performance art. It showcases the daring spirit of individuals who seek to merge athleticism with creativity while captivating audiences with their breathtaking feats.