Mt. Tom is one of the most famous abandoned ski resorts in Massachusetts. The ski resort operated from 1960 – 1998. In its final years, Mt. Tom had 15 trails, four chairlifts, and a beginner surface lift. The slopes were more gradual compared to other counterparts in New England, as it had a vertical drop of 680 feet.

It’s not publically known why the ski resort closed for good. The prior operator, James Joseph O’Connell, died in 1995, and it’s speculated that the owners wanted to make money off the next-door quarry, in spite of the ski area being a four-season destination. Since its closure, the base area has sat abandoned and eventually became a state reservation park.

This week, YouTuber Avery Zucco posted a video of him exploring the remnants of Mt. Tom. Much of the base area facilities, which included a water park, are now covered with graffiti. He also checks out the remaining pieces of the four chairlifts. One of the lift shacks features a fitting piece of graffiti:

“Know what you got before you loose it.”

Based on my third-place spelling bee finish in fourth grade, I think they spelled loose wrong. Now please excuse me while I make multiple spelling errors in the next article that I write.

Image/Video Credits: Avery Zucco,

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