Danish artist Thomas Dambo is currently on a road trip across the US to create 10 new wood trolls. Dambo’s most famous troll, Isak Heartstone in Breckenridge, is no longer the only troll in Colorado. Dambo has completed construction of Rita the Rock Planter, who now hangs out in a popular hiking area in Cripple Creek (which is a short drive from Colorado Springs).

Like many of Dambo’s trolls, Rita has a fun backstory:

A hundred suns that is how long a nap is for a troll 💤🌞
When Rita woke again, her mountain side had ground a hole🕳
The humans must have dug them in their search for shine rock💎
But some one could fall in, so Rita went to tidy up💨

Rita is just one of many trolls in this series, and all of the trolls can be found on the Troll Map website. Additionally, Dambo has a Youtube series detailing his road trip to build the trolls. You can catch Rita’s story below:

Photos and Video Courtesy of Thomas Dambo’s Youtube and Instagram