Black Bears Cross Occupied Mountain Coaster In Remarkably Close Encounter

What’s the last thing you want to see while cruising on a mountain coaster? Anything sitting on the tracks is probably pretty high up there, as, just like while riding any sort of vehicle, it would not be fun to run into an object at high speeds.

What if, however, that thing on the tracks happened to be an animal capable of tearing you apart along with its two young cubs? I can tell you pretty confidently that I’d be scared s*@tless.

It’s a good thing that these were just black bears. I don’t really want to know what would happen if a grizzly crossed a mountain coaster this close to a rider.

Not a ton of information related to this video from 2020 is available, but it appears to have happened on one of Gatlinburg, Tennessee’s three mountain coasters.

We’re glad the bears were able to cross without someone slamming into them and that the individual riding the coaster didn’t catch momma bear’s attention. Both of those situations could have ended quite badly.

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Image Credit: ricktok69 via TikTok