Tree House Cafe in Lake Tahoe probably just gained a bunch of new fans from the Bay Area.

Grant Marek from SFGate reports that the Tree House Cafe has a sign in its building that says they have the right to refuse service to the Oakland Athletics Owner. This means that John Fisher, who has a real-time net worth on Forbes of $2.5 billion, can’t dine there. This is a notable ban because Fisher’s mother owns a property in Truckee, meaning that the A’s owner likely visits the area once in a while. In addition, Rob Mafred (the current MLB commissioner who’s treating Oakland fans like trash), and Bud Selig (the former MLB commissioner) are banned.

Image courtesy of Grant Marek/SFGate

If you wonder why they’ve made such a random banning, there’s some important context here. For years, the Oakland A’s have been stuck in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, which is regarded by many as the worst ballpark in Major League Baseball. John Fisher has looked for a new stadium site in Oakland or San Jose, but they’ve wanted the taxpayers to foot most of the bill. Cost-cutting tactics have led to an unwatchable team, resulting in minimal attendance.

Theresa Braun, who is co-owner of the coffee shop, detailed her frustrations about the team to SFGate.

“We lost all those players from the early-2010s playoff teams. Started all over again. Then we lose all the new players and start all over again. A lot of these players become All-Stars, go to other teams — why couldn’t we keep them just a couple years longer? Are the owners in it to win? Because you had amazing teams, amazing players, such camaraderie. We were selling out the Coliseum, then you go and sell. It’s hard to love a team where the owner throws you under the bus, blames the fans for not being supportive.”

This year, the A’s made the announcement that they’ll be moving to Las Vegas. The Nevada Legislature voted to approve taxpayer money for the new ballpark, and it seems likely that they’ll end up there. Why Vegas would even welcome such cheapskates though with open arms is beyond me. Sadly, the situation ultimately means that Oakland will lose three professional sports teams in under a decade.

The infamous Oakland Coliseum. Image Credit: Matt Dodd

The Treehouse Cafe in Kings Beach has a unique atmosphere, with Lego treehouse builds throughout the coffee shop. There are a variety of pastries, including some very bomb-looking cinnamon rolls and breakfast sandwiches. For their coffee, the beans are locally sourced from Truckee’s Coffeebar.

The cinnamon rolls are so good that the Rebel Alliance and the Empire are fighting over them.

The Treehouse Cafe is open every day except Tuesdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is situated at 8160 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, California.

Image Credits: Tree House Cafe, Grant Marek/SFGate, Matt Dodd

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