“This is an investment in Lee Canyon’s guest experience. The Ponderosa chair will allow guests to access popular trails more easily, while skiers/riders will be disbursed throughout the property.– Dan Hooper, General Manager of Lee Canyon.

Another day, another ski resort expansion.

Yesterday, Lee Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada announced that they will be spending $7 million this offseason on a terrain and parking expansion. The Foxtail Alley, Limber Pine Lane, and Bonanza Ridge trails will now be serviced by Ponderosa, which is a new fixed-grip quad chairlift that’s currently under construction. These runs will be a great transition for riders wanting to go from beginner to intermediate terrain. Guests will be able to access the new terrain either by going on the Conveyor lift over on Rabbit Peak, or skiing down from the Sherwood chairlift.

Lee Canyon is seeing more visitors, first-time and youth skiers, and snowboarders,” said Dan Hooper. “Collectively, these investments also mean we can better serve the needs of those populations, especially families whose kids are skiing free with our Power Kids pass.”

The beginner area will also have a new Sunkid conveyor lift, leading to more beginner terrain for those who are learning to ski. A new 450-space parking lot next to the new terrain pod will give users convenient access to Ponderosa.

Lee Canyon was sold to Mountain Capital Partners back in April. Mountain Capital Partners is growing at a rapid rate, and are a dominant force in the Southwest ski industry. Their mountains include Arizona Snowbowl, Brian Head, Hesperus, Nordic Valley, Pajarito, Purgatory Resort, Sipapu, Spider Mountain Bike Park, Valle Nevado, and Willamette Pass.

They also invest a significant amount of money at their ski resorts. An expansion at Nordic Valley opened during the 2020-21 season, with future additions being planned at Arizona SnowbowlBrian Head, and Purgatory Resort

Back in April, when the deal was announced, I wrote this:

“For now, Lee Canyon will remain a local’s hill, but with it only being a fifty-minute drive from Vegas, its potential is far greater.

We’re beginning to see what Lee Canyon can become.

Image Credits: Lee Canyon

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