Lee Canyon Sold To Mountain Capital Partners

Lee Canyon Sold To Mountain Capital Partners

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Lee Canyon Sold To Mountain Capital Partners


Mountain Capital Partners is one of the fastest-growing ski resort companies in the country. They took over the operations at Willamette Pass last fall and bought a controlling stake in Valle Nevado in January.

Yesterday, Lee Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada announced that POWDR and the Thomas family had sold them to Mountain Capital Partners. The move is a bit surprising, seeing that POWDR is a very successful skiing corporation. Some of the mountains they own include Snowbird, Mt. Bachelor, Killington, and Eldora.

Mountain Capital Partners is growing at a rapid rate, and are a dominant force in the Southwest ski industry. Their mountains include Arizona Snowbowl, Brian Head, Hesperus, Nordic Valley, Pajarito, Purgatory Resort, Sipapu, Spider Mountain Bike Park, Valle Nevado, and Willamette Pass.

“For 60 years, Lee Canyon has delivered an important and unique diversion for Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. We are honored that POWDR Corporation and the Thomas family are entrusting us with carrying on Lee Canyon’s legacy,” said MCP Managing Partner James Coleman.

Local Las Vegas season passholders will be stoked about this news. Lee Canyon will be joining the Power Pass for the 2023-24 season, which gives skiers access to Lee Canyon, Brian Head Resort, and the other Mountain Capital Partners (except Valle Nevado for now). Brian Head is the second closest ski resort to Las Vegas so this acquisition is the perfect move by MCP. They will also be offering a Power Kid deal, which is a free season pass for kids twelve and under.

In terms of improvements, here’s what MCP managing partner James Coleman had to say about the future:

“We’re eager to put to work the best practices we’ve learned over the last two decades while also understanding how to best continue Lee Canyon’s unique success and position it for even more growth in the future.”

Future expansion has been considered in the past, but they’ve focused on new lifts and infrastructure improvements instead. Mountain Capital Partners is saying future investments will be announced at a later date.

For now, Lee Canyon will remain a local’s hill, but with it only being a fifty-minute drive from Vegas, its potential is far greater.

Image Credits: Lee Canyon

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