Wild video out of West Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan where a family came to the rescue of a pair caught on a burning boat. The men were a 21-foot Baja that had caught fire toward the aft. Not sure what they were thinking not jumping ship earlier but husband and wife Nathan and Reno Greenwood let them know it was a lost cause:

“It’s too late, guys. It’s too late. Get off the boat. It’s gonna blow.”

Thankfully the pair heeded the advice and jumped into the bay when they did because just seconds later there was an explosion that could have potentially caused injury. They boat eventually became engulfed in flames and sunk.

According to the coast guard 74% of deaths on vessels happen when the operator hasn’t received boat safety instruction. Find more info from the Coast Guard on boating safety classes below:


Many boating safety courses are offered throughout the country, for all types of recreational boaters, and for boaters of all ages. Qualified volunteer organizations, such as the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadron, and others sponsor many courses, and many state boating agencies also provide classes.

Courses cover many aspects of boating safety, from boat handling to reading the weather, and from a “Water ‘N Kids” class to courses for boaters who want to learn electronic navigation skills. The most popular basic courses generally have from 6 to 13 lessons to provide a foundation of operational and safety instruction.

BoatU.S. Foundation

The Courseline is a searchable database of current boating safety courses around the nation.

Offers online boating safety courses with online certification tests for a number of states.

Offers online boating safety courses with online certification tests for a number of states.

Commander Bob

Offers resources on boating education.

Offers a sailing course meeting the American National Standard (ANS), EDU-3 skills-based sailboat standard 

Safe Boating America
Safe Boating America classes meet the State Educational Requirements for operating a Boat or PWC and also meet the requirements for a Youth Operator.

State Courses
Many states offer boating safety courses. The National Association of State Boating Boating Law Administrators’ online Directory provides contact information for state boating agencies.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Local flotillas offer a variety of safety classes, including basic/introductory boating courses and safety courses, navigation, sailing and personal watercraft safety, among others.

U.S. Sailing
Programs offer instruction in small and large sailboats, windsurfers, and powerboats. All levels of instruction are available around the country for beginner to advanced skills. Information on courses and instruction is available on the web.

United States Power Squadron
“America’s Boating Course 3rd Edition” the most comprehensive boating safety
course available. It includes a course book, a narrated student CD and a
digital charting DVD. ABC 3 is available as a classroom, home study or
online course.

American Canoe Association
Comprehensive resource to find skills courses, assessments, and instructor certification courses for kayak, canoe, raft, safety & rescue, and adaptive paddling.

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