I’m a firm believer that apparel and accessories designed explicitly for skiing are indeed the best products for skiing. While I stand by this opinion for items like jackets and socks, there are some instances where general-use products are the only option to fit a specific need. Furthermore, having these non-skiing specific items can really make or break a day on the mountain. Here are my favorite non-skiing products that maximize the skiing experience (all tested and regularly used by yours truly):

Best Lip Balm: Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm

I hate covering my mouth while skiing, especially after slamming a chairlift burrito. Since my lips are constantly exposed to cold and wind, I’m always fighting the really attractive lip chapping. I’ve found good luck with the medicated version of the famous Burt’s Bees lip balm. The menthol is super soothing, and it even helps clear the nasal passages with the strong vapor.

Best Face Sunscreen: Bare Republic Mineral SPF 30 Face Sunscreen

I often pair my chapped lips with an equally attractive goggle tan. Although I wear my goggle tan as a badge of honor, I’m always concerned about skin cancer from sun exposure. This zinc oxide face lotion is surprisingly effective for being only SPF 30. This formula is cruelty free, fragrance free, mineral oil free, and paraben free. On top of all that, it is also reef compliant for those of you who want to use it in the summer as well.

Best Wallet: Mammut Smart Wallet Ultralight

Standard wallets for men and women are typically super bulky in a jacket pocket. This wallet by Mammut is very slim, allowing it to fit into any pocket with ease. While Mammut states this wallet holds 2 credit cards, it easily stretches to hold 4 (although it will no longer provide a secure hold for fewer cards). I always use this wallet to carry my driver’s license, 2 credit cards, and the dreaded health insurance card.

Best Phone Leash: Rogue Gear Co. The Protector Phone Tether

True Story: My husband once dropped his phone off of the Alpine lift at Copper on what was supposed to be our last lift ride of the day. If you’ve skied the run under this lift, then you know how much it SUCKS when your legs are shot. I immediately bought these phone leashes after this incident. I actually use this leash a ton off mountain, mainly by clipping it to a backpack when I’m hiking or scrambling to get through airport security. This leash is compatible with most smartphone models.

Best Lens Wipes: Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers

Disclaimer: Do NOT use these on the inside of your goggles, or you can forget about ever having an anti-fog coating. These lens wipes are perfect for cleaning the outside of your goggles (or sunglasses and prescription glasses). I’ve used these to successfully remove tree sap, chairlift grease, cider droplets, and boogers. I recommend using them indoors to prevent the moisture of the wipe from freezing.

Best Allergen-Free Pocket Snack: MadeGood Granola Minis

While I’m a big fan of a pocket hard boiled egg, I realize this snack isn’t an option for vegans or people with egg allergies. These granola minis are not only the perfect size to stash in a pocket or backpack, they are free of all major allergens (peanut, tree nut, sesame, soy, egg, dairy, fish/seafood, and wheat/gluten). They are also vegan, organic, and non-GMO. These snacks are safe to share with almost everyone.

Best Duck/Duct Tape: Duck Brand Color Duck Tape

Ok ok, this one is seems like a brand-name gimmick. BUT Duck Brand does make some of the best duck/duct tape in the business. They get bonus points for their color tape, which is as good as the original and comes in 22 solid color options. They also have crazy patterns if that is more your style. This product has kept my cracked bamboo pole intact for an entire season.

Best Sports Bra: SHEFIT Flex Sports Bra

Ladies, this one is for us! There is nothing worse (in my humble opinion) than hitting a mogul wrong and having a boob dislodge from its container. SHEFIT sports bras have probably been hammering you with the social media marketing, but this one is legit. It has adjustable shoulder and band straps, so they truly fit every size out there. I like the medium support Flex bra best, as it perfectly blends comfort and support.

Photos Courtesy of All Brands Listed