Having a fully belly is critical for making the most of your time on the mountain. Snacking on the chairlift is the easiest way to make sure you are staying fueled for the whole day. Unfortunately, finding the right snack that is easy to eat on the go can be difficult. Many snacks are nothing more than a sugar high made for school lunches. Pocket bacon has become incredibly popular over the years, but it isn’t vegetarian friendly and is quite greasy and hard to digest. Well my friends, today I bring you the joy of the hard boiled egg.

Hard boiled eggs are an excellent source of protein to build the muscles we as skiers so desperately need. As a smaller vessel, they can be quickly eaten on the chairlift or while waiting for your snowboarding buddy to strap in. With the shell there to eliminate eating pocket lint, eggs can be carried in their own protective layer that also prevents littering. If you are conscious of throwing away your trash, you can also buy pre-hard boiled eggs that have been de-shelled and packed in twos in bulk from Costco. If you drop the egg, it will compost itself right into the ski run. Not to mention the fact that this hardy snack will be able to withstand an unfortunate crash! Do yourself a favor and protein-up during your next mountain outing.

Photos Courtesy of skiingsolo and Costco

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