This offseason, Bonttineau Winter Park is undergoing a major lift replacement. Thanks to a successful fundraiser that garnered $650,000, the North Dakota ski area is replacing its T-bar this summer.

The new Doppelmayr T-bar, which will go up the Fox trail, will reduce lift lines, can operate during high-wind days, increases the lift speed compared to the old one, and accesses more terrain. A new surface lift has a lifespan of fifty years, so it will likely last generations.

The first update came on July 9th, which announced the completion of the lift shacks and all the tower and terminal foundations.

The second update showed the lift towers being put into place.

The most recent update showed continued work on the base terminal. With all this progress, the new t-bar is well on pace to open during the 2023-24 season. If you’re ever in the Roughrider State, go check this place out.

Image Credits: Bottineau Winter Park

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