Situated in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this North American ski area holds a special place in the region’s skiing landscape. Founded in 1914 by Norwegian immigrant Carl Howelsen, Howelsen Hill has the distinction of being the oldest operating ski area in Colorado and North America. Its rich history and remarkable achievements have earned it recognition as a Pioneer Ski Resort by the International Skiing History Association.

Notably, Howelsen Hill has produced an impressive number of nearly 90 Olympians since its inception, more than any other ski area in the United States. Its legacy is further solidified by the induction of 22 members into the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame and 13 members into the National Ski Hall of Fame. While these accomplished athletes called Howelsen Hill their training ground, the ski area also welcomes skiers of all skill levels who seek an mountain experience.

Although often overshadowed by the nearby Steamboat Ski Resort due to its smaller size, Howelsen Hill remains highly regarded among competitive skiers for its exceptional training facilities. In fact, it boasts the largest and most comprehensive natural ski jumping complex in North America, attracting athletes from around the world.

Visitors to Howelsen Hill can not only witness the training grounds and equipment used by Olympians but also participate in the exhilaration themselves. Whether you’re a leisure downhill skier or an aspiring athlete, this ski area offers a chance to immerse yourself in its vibrant skiing culture. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the Steamboat City Council approved free skiing on Sundays at Howelsen Hill, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the slopes without any financial burden.

Howelsen Hill Ski Area in Steamboat Springs stands as a historic and vibrant skiing destination in North America. As the oldest operating ski area in Colorado and the United States, it has nurtured numerous Olympians and continues to provide training grounds for aspiring athletes. With its affordability, diverse terrain, and welcoming atmosphere, Howelsen Hill is an ideal choice for skiers of all levels, promising an unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking beauty of downtown Steamboat Springs.