It seems like you can’t open a news or social media app without being hammered with all things Barbie. Whether you are planning on seeing Barbie or Oppenheimer (or both), it is undeniable that Mattel’s famous doll has infiltrated the hearts and minds of millions of people. Like the doll, the movie features Barbie in a wide range of professions. While an appearance is highly unlikely, I hope there is a skiing Barbie who is halfway as good as Gnarbie.

Here at Unofficial Networks, we’ve been fans of Gnarbie since her first video launched a few years ago. Although she isn’t an officially-branded doll by Mattel, Gnarbie has proved over a series of videos that she is the best skier at Palisades Tahoe (and perhaps, the world). Gnarbie has been shredding with some of her other doll friends and human pro Amie Engerbretson. She’s here to remind you that she’s radder than you will ever be!

Get ready to don all of your pink attire, because the Barbie movie premiers this Friday. You can get hyped for the Barbie movie with my favorite Gnarbie video below, or you can head to her Instagram for all of her sweet vids.

Photos and Video Courtesy of Gnarbie’s creator, Ryan McDowell