Torrential rains have been wreaking havoc across the northeast causing major flooding and one ski resort in Vermont has fallen into its destructive path. Magic Mountain Ski Area in Londonderry won’t know the full extent of the damages caused by the flooding for a few days but from these images posted to Twitter its plain to see they will have their hands full once the storms have passed.

“Roads are closed all around the Londonderry area. Please stay safe if you are in the area and visitors should delay their travel into and; around the mountain towns of southern Vermont as rivers and streams continue to rise with more rain throughout the day. While Magic has sustained some property damage, a full assessment will take a few days once this rain ends and we can get out on the hill as well. The good news is that the new snowmaking pond dam structure completed last fall is performing well and was built for these catastrophic events.”

Magic Mountain motto is “Where Skiing Still Has A Soul” and we love that about them. Really crossing our fingers damages from this weather event will be minimal. Best wishes Magic Mountain.


People often ask, what makes Magic so different? It all starts with the mountain itself. When Hans Thorner was searching Vermont to start a ski area in the late 1950s, he found Glebe Mountain. It’s ridge lines and steep topography reminded him of his native Swiss Alps. The trails he cut for Magic are naturally narrow and twisting and descend 1,500 heart-pumping vertical feet to our two Summit lifts—true vertical skiing. Combined with tree-skiing from boundary-to-boundary, Magic’s terrain is what separates this ski area from all others in southern Vermont and the East Coast—virtually unchanged since the 1960s.

The second aspect of what truly separates Magic, is the people who come here. Magic breeds skiers and riders who are passionate about the sport and connect deeply with the natural beauty and thrill this mountain provides. There’s a real feeling of community here where everyone looks out for one another and welcomes eachother no matter where we come from, who we love, or what ethnicity or race we are. We all share in the camaraderie of a day on the slopes searching for the ever more perfect turn. It’s all about getting outdoors on the snow and having fun together. And, after a day on the hill, our community welcomes ALL to share in the festivities in the lodge and at the Black Line Tavern where warms spirits thrive. There’s no pretense or pressure here, just a friendly, laid-back vibe where new friends are made every day.


The major investments we are making in smoothing out some of the prior rough edges here is always balanced by maintaining our unique “throwback” character. We love natural snow here—it just skis better than man-made. So while we continue to make major investments in snowmaking, lift service and grooming equipment, we will let mother-nature do what she does best on our most advanced terrain. Powder days are legend here and it’s why we have special openings when a storm hits mid-week. It’s why we continue to expand the best tree-skiing in southern Vermont. It’s why we’ve always supported uphill alpine touring. There’s truly something for everyone here who is into the original feel and adventure of the sport of skiing. It’s why Magic remains proudly independent.

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images from skimagicvt facebook

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