Arguably the biggest offseason project of any ski resort in North America is Big Sky Resort’s anticipated tram replacement. The fifteen-person tram is being replaced by a huge tram that will carry a maximum of 75 passengers in the summer, and fewer than that to preserve snow conditions in the wintertime. This capacity increase will help reduce lines that have been commonplace for the tram.

Back in March, Big Sky revealed a tentative price range for ski days of $10-40+ per ride. I imagine the $10 would be on midweek days, and then the $40 or more would occur on weekends/holidays or crowded powder days. The rate charged won’t change during the day.

Two weeks ago, Big Sky revealed what their new trams will look like, and they look incredible. On the exterior, Andesite Mountain, Lone Peak, Fan Mountain, Beehive Peak, Gallatin Peak, and Wilson Peak were drawn. Another part of the new tram that I like is that there are seats inside, which is something which I think more trams should have.

Earlier this week, Big Sky provided their latest tram update. The video below shows a helicopter moving pieces around, and construction crews building the future lift towers. Working on a project like this takes a lot of guts, so the construction crews deserve a ton of credit for the challenging efforts they’re putting in. The new tram is expected to open during the 2023-24 season.

Image/Video Credits: Big Sky Resort

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