Do you remember learning about the bubonic plague in history class? The disease infamously referred to as “the black death” wiped out 50 million people in Europe back in the 14th century. Unfortunately for residents of Montezuma County, a human case of the plague has been reported according to KDVR.

“The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is working closely with the Montezuma County Public Health Department to investigate and monitor plague (Yersinia pestis) activity.At this time, public health officials have identified one human case of plague in Montezuma County in an adult. The exposure likely occurred on private property, and the investigation is ongoing. CDPHE and Montezuma County Public Health Department will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

The plague is often transmitted to humans by fleas or small rodents. Prairie dogs in particular are exceptionally susceptible to this disease. Let this be your friendly reminder to not approach wildlife, including dead animals, to avoid catching the plague. The silver lining to this story is that the plague is highly treatable in the early stages with very few recorded deaths in the past decade.

Photos Courtesy of KDVR and Wikipedia


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