International Ski Federation (FIS) Announces Olympic-Inspired Snowsports Competition

International Ski Federation (FIS) Announces Olympic-Inspired Snowsports Competition


International Ski Federation (FIS) Announces Olympic-Inspired Snowsports Competition


Move over Olympics, we got a new player in the winter sports arena. Just kidding, its highly unlikely the The International Ski Federation (FIS) new quadrennial (fancy way of saying every 4 years) winter sports competition will outmatch the Olympics in notoriety but its cool see another venue for winter athletes to show their stuff on the world stage at a multi-sport event.  

The 16-day competition for snow sports will debut in 2028 and will start with around 100 medal events including some that aren’t in the Winter Olympics but should be like speed skiing, big mountain freeride and telemark. FIS will be taking applications for host cities until November 1st and will announce the host in spring 2024. The FIS Games can be hosted by one region or multiple regions, including across borders, and at existing facilities.


Five years from now, the curtain will rise on an exciting new sporting event. A 16-day festival of snow sports; a showcase for the best talent in skiing and snowboarding; a glittering global gathering: the FIS Games. For 16 days the world’s snow sports family will gather in one place: athletes from our Olympic disciplines and our nonOlympic sports such as Freeride, Telemark and Speed skiing, showcasing their talents across around 100 medal events; a programme that attracts fans all over the world, produces high-level broadcasts, supports gender parity and includes para-athletes. Just as aspiring athletes have watched the Olympics and Paralympics for decades and dreamed of greatness, so the FIS Games aim to inspire a new generation of skiers and snowboarders. With these Games, FIS is aiming high. We don’t just want these events to showcase the best of snow sports; we want to lead the way on inclusivity and sustainability too, demonstrating to the wider sports community what can be achieved.

Given the innovative nature of the first FIS Games the launch is set to take place in 2028, leaving ample preparation time to create a unique and compelling event. After its premiere, the Games will take place in a 4 year-turn, in years without another major event such as the World Championships or the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This document is a guide for all National Ski Associations and Local Organising Committees who wish to bid for the chance to host the first FIS Games.

“Hosting the inaugural FIS GAMES offers the chance to make history: shining a spotlight on your region; showcasing your nation, creating a legacy that will last for decades to come and inspiring the next generation of snow sports fans.” Johan Eliasch, FIS President

ALPINE Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, Alpine Combined, Nations Team Event

CROSS-COUNTRY: Sprint, Team Sprint, 10km/10km and 15km/15km Skiathlon, 10km/15km Individual F/C, 30km/50km Mass start F/C, Relay

FREERIDE: Ski, Snowboard

FREESTYLE & FREESKI: Big Air, Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Ski Cross, Ski Cross Mixed Team, Moguls, Dual Moguls, Dual Moguls Mixed Team, Aerials, Aerials Mixed Team

NORDIC COMBINED: Normal Hill/Gundersen, Mixed Team, Team, Large Hill/Gundersen

OUR WORLD OF SNOWSPORTS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY GAMES PARA SNOWSPORT: Para Alpine Skiing (Categories Standing, Vision Impaired, Sitting): Downhill, Super G, Alpine Combined, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Parallel Para Snowboard (Categories Upper Limb, Lower Limb 1, Lower Limb 2): Snowboard Cross, Dual Banked Slalom, Team events Para Cross-Country Skiing (Categories Standing, Vision Impaired, Sitting): Individual, Open relay, Mixed relay, Sprint

SNOWBOARD: Big Air, Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Snowboard Cross, Snowboard Cross Mixed Team, Parallel Giant Slalom, Parallel Slalom, Parallel (Giant) Slalom Mixed Team

SKI JUMPING: Normal Hill, Normal Hill Team, Mixed Team, Large Hill, Large Hill Team, Ski Flying


TELEMARK: Classic, Sprint, Parallel Sprint, Team Parallel Sprint


The FIS Games are designed to yield a large economic impact for the host through TV exposure, sponsorship activation and government investment. In addition, the high-profile of the event promises great potential returns to the local tourism industry.


The FIS Games will strengthen local and national pride and inspire more people to take to the slopes. The Games will also shine a brighter light on non-Olympic sports as well as Para Snow Sports, giving these sports greater exposure than ever before and exciting a new generation.


Once the host has been elected, the FIS Games become a joint project of the National Ski Association, the Local Organising Committee and FIS, supported by commercial and media rights holders as soon as they are appointed. This coordinated approach brings together great experience from different backgrounds, ensuring that the event is developed and promoted in the best way possible locally, nationally and internationally.


The FIS Games will shine a giant, global spotlight on the host resort, with millions of viewers expected to watch the events online and on TV. This offers an exceptional opportunity for the resort – and the host nation – to showcase its credentials as a world-class destination for major sports events.


“The FIS Games showcase the best our sport has to offer. Hosting the first edition is a truly unique opportunity to play an integral part to shape a one-of-a-kind event.” –Michel Vion, FIS Secretary General

FIS is the owner of all commercial and media rights for the FIS Games. These rights generate funds to support the event and the National Ski Association(s) involved.

FIS determines the distribution strategy to reach the largest number of fans across all means of transmission: terrestrial, satellite, broadband internet, mobile, etc. FIS also utilises its digital channels to broaden the reach of the FIS Games.

To protect the exclusivity of media and commercial rights and maximise revenues, the Local Organising Committee will ensure that the venue and its surrounding are clean of any advertising and commercials from partners who are not a sponsor to the games.

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