Willy Bogner's "White Magic" Is An Earworm You Can't Get Out Of Your Head

Willy Bogner's "White Magic" Is An Earworm You Can't Get Out Of Your Head


Willy Bogner's "White Magic" Is An Earworm You Can't Get Out Of Your Head


Willy Bogner, a former alpine skier turned filmmaker extraordinaire, has blessed the world with a collection of ski flicks that will leave you breathless and a title track that will leave you with stuck song syndrome.

Stunning landscapes, ski sequences that will give you chills, and an epic blend of action and storytelling. That’s the essence of “White Magic,”. Bogner’s films are a visual feast for the eyes, capturing the sheer beauty and joy of skiing in jaw-dropping locations around the globe.

It all began back in ’76 when Bogner unleashed the first installment aptly titled “White Magic.” The film struck a chord with thrill-seekers everywhere, paving the way for more cinematic adventures. Fast forward to “White Magic II” in ’78, “Fire and Ice” in ’86, “White Magic III” in ’89, and “White Magic IV” in ’93—each one building upon the legacy and pushing the boundaries of ski filmmaking.

Willy Bogner’s “White Magic” series isn’t just for die-hard skiers—it’s for anyone who craves adventure, freedom, and 1970s style ballots. These films have become a cult favorite, captivating both the snow-loving community and mainstream audience alike.

The title track was performed by Johnny Logan an Irish singer and songwriter known for his remarkable success in the Eurovision Song Contest. He won the competition twice, first in 1980 with the song “What’s Another Year” and then in 1987 with “Hold Me Now.” Logan’s wins made him the first artist to triumph as both a singer and a songwriter in Eurovision history. He has released several albums and singles, showcasing his soulful voice and ability to connect with audiences. Both in our humble opinion none of these accolades holds a candle to his performance of White Magic.

So, fire up the fondue pot, pour a big glass of schnapps and enjoy one of the greatest additions to ski culture ever bestowed upon us.

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