Palisades Tahoe Officially Breaks Record Snowiest Season Ever (59 Feet)

Palisades Tahoe Officially Breaks Record Snowiest Season Ever (59 Feet)


Palisades Tahoe Officially Breaks Record Snowiest Season Ever (59 Feet)


“Today we surpassed 2016/17 for the snowiest season to date (November – April) with 710 inches. We’re putting all this snow to good use, with skiing and riding through July 4th.”

Its official folks…with a 10 inches of snowfall yesterday Palisades Tahoe has surpassed is previous record set in winter 2016-2017 (707 inches) and has clocked in the snowiest season ever.

The Sierra Sun reports Palisades Tahoe is now sitting at 710 inches of snow, which is 178% of the average season snowfall of 400 inches. They spoke with the Palisades President and COO Dee Bryne and she had this to say about the momentous snowpack:

“Palisades Tahoe has been fortunate to receive an incredible amount of snowfall this season, covering our mountain in deep snow. Skiers and snowboarders have had an unforgettable time on both the groomed trails and the untouched snow pockets. We are immensely grateful for the iconic conditions and natural beauty that Mother Nature has gifted us with this season at Palisades Tahoe” -Dee Byrne, President and COO, Palisades Tahoe



June and July will look a bit different than summers past. Typically, we run the Funitel at Palisades up to the upper mountain throughout the warmer months. This year, we have to replace the haul ropes on the Funitel. This sizeable project has been in the works for several years and despite the huge amount of snowfall we’ve received, we cannot adjust or change the date of the project in any way. This means we won’t be skiing or snowboarding at Palisades on the 4th of July, but we hope you are super excited about the alternative: Skiing and riding at Alpine on the 4th of July!

Here’s some photos from throughout the winter of the incredible precipitation:


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