Snowcat Flipped & Buried In Utah Avalanche (Two Injured)

Snowcat Flipped & Buried In Utah Avalanche (Two Injured)


Snowcat Flipped & Buried In Utah Avalanche (Two Injured)


This scary avalanche occurred late last month in the Gold Ridge area in Morgan, Utah. Around 12:30pm on March 28, a large slide managed to burry a snowcat and injure two individuals (entrapping one).

Multiple departments responded to the incident. A helicopter was able to land near the accident, locating and assisting the injured individuals while waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive on scene.

“The Jaws of Life” and other heavy rescue equipment was transported through five miles of deep, backcountry snow in order to conduct the rescue. The patient lodged under the snowcat was transported via helicopter to a local hospital with significant leg injuries. The second patient was transported to the a local hospital via ambulance, suffering a head injury. Both patients survived, and no fatalities were recorded.

“Even when we got the Jaws up there it wouldn’t take the pressure off it just cut vertical through the metal and fiberglass next to his ankle. I ended up having to pull his leg sideways through the gap the extractor cut. I’m grateful for the SAR and the Helicopter support that came up to stabilize him and get him off the mountain.” – Quadcub Adventures in a 4 seat cub

Featured Image Credit: Utah Avalanche Center

Image credit: FACEBOOK/Morgan County Fire & EMS


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