Desperate Elk Calf Rescued From Ice (Watch)

Desperate Elk Calf Rescued From Ice (Watch)


Desperate Elk Calf Rescued From Ice (Watch)


Three men in rural Wyoming came across an elk calf that was stranded on a small patch of ice.

Rather than leaving the calf to die in the frigid cold, the men got to work, and physically pulled the young animal to safety on the snowy bank.

Check out the video below, feel free to skip ahead every once in a while.

It’s quite long.

“Occurred on January 22, 2023 / La Barge, Wyoming, USA We found a young elk trapped out on the ice in remote Wyoming.

Two of us decided to try getting it off the ice in order to save it. It was -14°F out and we didn’t want it to die out there. The elk was exhausted after the event, but we found that it left on its own accord when we returned later.”

It’s not necessarily advisable to manhandle an elk calf, but shout out to these guys for saving a life.

Here’s hoping that young elk lives a long and fruitful life.

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