Idiot Stands Within Inches Of Bull Moose (Video)

Idiot Stands Within Inches Of Bull Moose (Video)


Idiot Stands Within Inches Of Bull Moose (Video)


Moose are dangerous animals, but you knew that already, right?

We don’t have to write a whole article detailing how a 1,500 pound beast with a humongous rack of antlers could inflict harm on a human, RIGHT?!

The video below shows a man in Anchorage, Alaska who was willing to test his fate by standing within inches of a huge bull moose.

Watch as it almost goes poorly for him:

“I was driving down Spenard at 3 in the morning and I see a Bull Moose in front of NAPA Auto Parts store.

I always try to film moose encounters. I had no idea the guy was going to walk near the moose.

Moose are very dangerous and he was lucky he didn’t get trampled.”

He’s lucky he didn’t get trampled indeed.

Keep your distance if you see a moose.

You don’t want to be the subject of our next article roasting somebody for getting way to close to a dangerous animal.

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