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If you’re looking to experience a multi-day backcountry ski trip similar to those in Europe or Alaska without the hassle of planning it yourself, setting up base camp, and mapping out your route, the Bridal Veil Backcountry Ski Camp allows you to do exactly that, all in the much-easier-to-access mountains of Colorado.

Hosted by the Mountain Trips organization (which also hosts trips throughout Alaska, Europe, and on Mount Everest), the trip takes you on a three day, two night trip in the mountains around Telluride, all designed as a preparation trip   for those considering heading towards Denali or Chamonix. The base camp stays set up throughout the winter, so you don’t have to worry about putting together tents, and the tents are double-walled, so warmth won’t be much of an issue at night.

The days consist of guided backcountry skiing at altitudes up to 12,500 feet with catered meals to follow up the long workouts. All you need to pack is clothing, toiletries, and a sleeping bag liner, and, while ski gear isn’t included in the base price, it is available for rent ($100 a day for skis, boots, skins and poles, $30 a day for airbag packs). Avalanche rescue gear is also included through the base price.

For one person, the trip price starts at $2,748, but the more people you add, the cheaper it becomes (getting as low as $925 per person if you bring 8 people). Also, for smaller groups, discounted prices are available for smaller groups if you’re willing to share the trip with other people. The organization offers a Women’s Backcountry Ski Camp as well, which you can learn more about here.

This isn’t a trip for beginner backcountry skiers, but for those who’ve been out for day trips and know what they’re doing, this could serve as a perfect introduction to overnight backcountry skiing. Personally, I’d love to give this a shot, but I think I lack the necessary experience!

Featured Image Credit: FOX31 Denver via YouTube

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