Ever wonder how they make sure those massive snowbank devouring snowblowers work properly before getting shipped out to wintery municipalities across the globe? At Larue Industrial Snowblowers they use a giant water basin to spin up the 1150hp Caterpillar C27 engine on their D97’s as part of their quality assurance process. They test the engine at full revolution for a period of time to see how the cooling system reacts as well as other mechanical components. They look for leaks, excessive vibration, overheating, loosening or any other type of imperfection. If anything isn’t right they can make adjustments if necessary at their HQ up in Quebec before sending these badboys out to work. So freaking badass.

Here’s those same D97’s in the field. These things can really throw snow!



  •  7 yards


  •  Capacity: up to 8,500 metric tons / hour
  •  Throwing distance: up to 55 m (180 ft.)


  •  Approximate length from hitch plate: 3.7 m (144 in.)
  •  Overall width: 3.2 m (126 in)
  •  Overall height: 2.9 m (114 po)
  •  Working height: 1.9 m (75 in.)
  •  Weight: 10,977 kg (24,200 lbs.)


  •  Power: 783 – 895 kW (1050 – 1200 HP)
  •  Filtration with pre-filter
  •  Caterpillar C27 Tier 4F / Caterpillar C32 Tier 4F


  •  Impeller casting: 90° total cast angle: Vertical to left, horizontal to right from the ground
  •  Diameter: 1.8 m (70 in.)
  •  Number of blades: 5


  •  One piece shotgun-type with output resistant to abrasion of up to 500 Brinell Hardness


  •  Female quick coupler
  •  Right hydraulic side rudder
  •  Residential-type muffler
  •  Ski kit with adjustable height