WATCH: Siberian Powder Skiing Adventures

WATCH: Siberian Powder Skiing Adventures


WATCH: Siberian Powder Skiing Adventures


“In December 2021, Swiss skiers Sven Rauber and Marco Tribelhorn depart for a journey into the unknown. With the help of a few local friends willing to share their secret stash, Sven and Tribi discover a Siberian powder paradise, a place which will be known only as “Sneg” (Russian for snow).”

Sven Rauber and Marco Tribelhorn venture into mythical Siberian powder paradise known simply as Sneg, Russian for snow. While this trip occurred just prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sven had these words on the cruelty of the conflict his hope for the future of geopolitics in the region:

“An audiovisual insight to some time spent in a spot that became something like my place of desire – somewhere far and lost. Somewhere hard to get to! What already felt like this before, became a lot more real by the fact of the war. A war that is cruel, destroying lives and creating new barriers between places and people. Barriers that took a long time to be overcome – being re-established within not tome. Power politics instead of the idea of a possibility of peace again, almost forgetting what seemed the greatest goal for the last three decades.. I want not to forget this idea – want to keep up the hope of being able to see some dear friends again soonish.”

Unforgettable days together in a different world. Unforgettable skiing in Sneg, a place that really exists. 
Doubts when thinking back to Sneg: a place which, upon reconsideration, one is not longer so sure whether it really exists.
It feels right, the idea that this place is only reachable through our connection to Andrey and his friends. In an increasingly globalized world where it feels as if everything is reachable at any time, it’s good to have this place beyond our control. It is not within our power to determine if we can get there or not. We are dependent on others to get here; on strangers who, in the meantime, have become fast friends.
It’s unbelievable how deep the snow in Siberia is. Unbelievable how quiet it is in these woods, where nobody else seems to be around. Day after day we hike through the woods, where known runs and spots are shown to us, and new ones are discovered. The descents in the deep snow fill us with happiness, a feeling shared within the group. Back on the ascents, we feel lost in the peace of the snow-covered woods. Walking along, a feeling of serenity sets in. Space and time seem to lose their importance.
Now there is a war. A war which, due to our Siberian friendships, feels very real. And Sneg—this place that, after all, we weren’t certain really existed, or if it did, then only in our dreams—is being moved out of the sphere of the accessible. This place and its possibilities won’t be affected by world affairs. It will remain as it was when we were there. Our access to it, however, will be blocked for an indefinite period. What remains in memory are these moving images, through which we attempt to communicate the feelings we experienced in Sneg, this place of our dreams. – Sven & Tribi

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