Absolutely Huge Bear Chased By Police Cars (Watch)

Absolutely Huge Bear Chased By Police Cars (Watch)


Absolutely Huge Bear Chased By Police Cars (Watch)


Did you know that Romania is home to 60% of all brown bears in Europe?

In fact, the country is home to 6,000 of the world’s estimated 200,000 brown bears (according to Mossy Earth).

That’s a lot of bears for a country that’s about the size of Oregon.

As a side note, that crazy video of a bear chasing a skier from a couple of years ago took place at a Romanian ski resort. Safe to say that the brown bears are out and about throughout the country.

The video below shows an absolutely huge bear being chased out of town by police cars in Sovata, Románia.

Check it out:

First off, did you notice that the bear is about the size of the police cars chasing it?! Huge is an understatement.

Second, is this a regular thing? Do massive bears just come strolling through town and the police are called to shoo them back into the wilderness?

Seems like Romania is a pretty crazy place. Might want to pack some bear spray if you plan on visiting…

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