Washington Ski Resort Apologizes For Overcrowding: "We blew it"

Washington Ski Resort Apologizes For Overcrowding: "We blew it"


Washington Ski Resort Apologizes For Overcrowding: "We blew it"


Summit at Snoqualmie, WA is apologizing after a very busy day that saw long lift lines and overcrowding across the resort.

Snoqualmie limits daily lift ticket sales to keep crowding low on busy days.

The resort underestimated how many season passholders would show up, and they failed to open adequate terrain to support the number of skiers.

Snoqualmie released a series of Tweets explaining what happened, how they failed, and how they plan to avoid making the same mistakes in the future:

“We made a mistake. Today’s crowding situation is exactly what we strive to avoid, and is not the experience we want for our passholders, or any other local skiers and snowboarders.

We drastically underestimated passholder visitation and deeply regret not having more lifts/terrain open today to spread everyone out. To each and every skier and snowboarder that came up today, sorry, we blew it. We know you expect more from your home mountain.

Today was a painful learning moment for us, we know we can do better, and we will strive to do better for all of you going forward.”

Seattle's Home Mountain

It’s pretty refreshing to see a ski resort take accountability for overcrowding, isn’t it?

I’m sure there are thousands of people who skied Snoqualmie yesterday that are still upset about crowds, but at least Snoqualmie is apologizing and acknowledging their failure to deliver an enjoyable skiing experience.

It’s ultimately a step in the right direction, and I hope other ski resorts across the country follow Summit at Snoqualmie’s lead.

Here’s hoping they learn from their mistakes.

Featured Image Credit: Summit at Snoqualmie


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