Aspen Snowmass Adds Lift Ticket Kiosk At Local Airport

Aspen Snowmass Adds Lift Ticket Kiosk At Local Airport


Aspen Snowmass Adds Lift Ticket Kiosk At Local Airport


“The goal is to make our guests’ experience as easy as possible. Getting them from arrival to the slopes with as little friction as possible. Installing the pick-up box at the airport will allow guests to pick up their tickets while they’re waiting for their bags. The next morning they can head straight for the slopes.”Jeff Hanle, Vice President of Communications for Aspen Skico.

One of the many changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic was the introduction lift ticket pickup boxes. Those who reserved beforehand could go up to an electronic ticket box to acquire their pass, reducing their wait time. This has been common at Aspen Snowmass, with sixteen of them spread out around the four ski resorts.

The Aspen Times reports that a seventeenth ticket pickup box has been added to the Aspen Pitkin-County Airport, which is located inside their main terminal. The process is very simple, and it takes usually less than ninety seconds to get your pass. Guests retrieve a ticket by scanning a QR code from the Aspen Snowmass app, and then the machine distributes the lift ticket or season pass.

Dan Bartholomew, who is the airport commissioner, said the following to theCounty Commissioners on December 21st.

“We saw this as an excellent idea from a customer-service aspect to our clientele who comes in and out of the airport but also to the Aspen Skiing Co. but it also allows them to reduce the number of trips they make to motels and resorts in the areas delivering ski tickets, so it takes some of the vehicle miles off the road for them as well, from an environmental standpoint.”

I hope ticket pickup boxes become more commonplace in the ski industry, as they reduce wait times for those who don’t have direct access to the mountain.

Image Credits: Aspen Airport, Aspen Snowmass

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