Utah Dog Reunited With Family On Christmas Day After Getting Trapped On Mountain

Utah Dog Reunited With Family On Christmas Day After Getting Trapped On Mountain


Utah Dog Reunited With Family On Christmas Day After Getting Trapped On Mountain


Feel good story out of Utah where Weber County Search & Rescue teams were able to reunite a family with their dog after it became stuck overnight on Christmas Eve above a frozen waterfall.

KSL reports search and rescue teams received a call around 1 p.m. on Christmas Day about the dog that had spent the night in Waterfall Canyon.

A local man had been hiking on Christmas Eve with his dog Nala when the two became separated.  After searching for hours and being unable to recover her, the man went home, returning early the next day to continue looking.

By early afternoon on Christmas Day, the man’s family grew concerned because he wasn’t answering texts or calls due to poor coverage in the area. They did eventually get a hold of him but the sheriff’s office dispatched a 4 person climbing team to assist.

When team made contact with the dog owner at the base of the waterfall, they found the man had suffered frostbite on his fingertips. The man alerted the team he located his lost dog at the top of the waterfall but was unable to reach her due to the steep and dangerous icy terrain.

Two team members were left with the man to attend to his medical needs, while the other two trekked the mountain where Nala had been located by drone footage. The drone ended up being critical to the rescue as it provided a bird’s eye view of a safe route for the rescuers to take.

When they finally reached Nala the dog was cold and had suffered a few minor injuries but was but was able to hike down with the rescuers. In all,  the operation took about seven hours. Search and rescue teams typically don’t go after animals  but in this case a person was putting themselves at risk to save their pet.

Tip of the cap to the fine folks at Weber County Search & Rescue. Cheers!

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue:

Merry Christmas from WCSAR to all!
A Christmas Day Rescue….
On Christmas Eve, a local man was hiking near Waterfall Canyon and became separated from his dog named Nala. After a long search, he was not able to recover her before night fall, and Nala had to spend the night on the mountain.
Early Christmas morning, the owner began searching for the dog once again. Around 1:00pm family members reported to authorities the owner missing as he was not answering calls or texts.
The owner was out of cell service and was finally able to answer one of the many calls. He had located his dog above the waterfall but was unable to get to her due to the steep and icy terrain. Because the only way to reach the area of the dog was via technical climbing given the terrain and weather, our team responded.
Our UAV team spotted Nala cliffed out above the waterfall and kept eyes on her until our climb team reached her. Given the fact Nala spent the cold brutal night alone, she was a little nervous meeting her rescuers. However, with a lot of patience, and a little help with the buzzing sound of the drone, Nala approached her rescuers and got some well deserved care.
Nala was cold with a few minor injuries, but was able to hike down with the rescuers. She is one tough puppy! Once reaching the trailhead parking lot, both human and canine couldn’t have been happier to be reunited. A very Merry Christmas Rescue.
WCSAR is an outstanding team of men and women volunteers. Please consider donating to help continue and improve our Search and Rescue efforts. Venmo @WeberCountySheriffs-Foundation (Please put SAR in notes). Thank you


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