Sociopath Cuts Entire Lift Line (Cringey Video)

Sociopath Cuts Entire Lift Line (Cringey Video)


Sociopath Cuts Entire Lift Line (Cringey Video)


I’m sorry to bring this video to your attention on this lovely day after Christmas because it will undoubtedly infuriate you, but I must share it for the greater good of the skiing community.

We need to band together to stop people who think they’re above waiting in lift lines at ski resorts across the world.


Do us all a favor and be the guy or gal that stops lift line cutters the next time you’re out skiing or snowboarding.

These reckless, sociopathic skiers need to be stopped. There are rules to obey and courtesies to observe!


February 6, 2023 6:52 pm ET · By:

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