The Tradition Of Digging Out Alta Ski Area After A Storm (Video)

The Tradition Of Digging Out Alta Ski Area After A Storm (Video)


The Tradition Of Digging Out Alta Ski Area After A Storm (Video)


Alta Ski Area, UT is no stranger to digging out their vehicles after a massive snow storm.

It’s a pain the ass, but it’s a fair price to pay for skiing endless powder at one of the best ski areas in the entire world.

Alta was just slammed with one of the best storms in recent memory. 70.5 inches fell in just a couple of days, the fourth-largest storm in the last 18 years.

The ski area produced a short video explaining the ritual of digging out, and why the locals don’t really mind all that much.

Check it out!

“The ritual of digging out after a massive storm cycle is an Alta tradition. As storms barrel across the Great Salt Lake, gain energy up Little Cottonwood Canyon and then slam into the catcher’s mitt of Devil’s castle, the snow reward can be rich.

When the faucet turns on, there are few places in the world better positioned than Alta to welcome these massive dumps This past storm cycle delivered some of the deepest powder turns in recent memory, 70.5” of snow, the fourth largest storm in the last 18 years and a buried mountain town.

Once the sun finally came out and the ski legs grew tired, it was time for the Alta community to grab a shovel or three.

The art of digging out is a privilege, albeit back-breaking work at times, it signals a right of passage for all of those who had the fortune to hunker down in one of the snowiest mountain folds on the planet while perfectly nailing the storm’s timing.

We have lots to be thankful for as we head into this holiday season and the final days of 2022. Happy shoveling.”

Video by Sweetgrass Productions


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