Why Steamboat Trademarked The Phrase Champagne Powder®

Why Steamboat Trademarked The Phrase Champagne Powder®


Why Steamboat Trademarked The Phrase Champagne Powder®


“I really liked the back part of Steamboat, they’ve got beautiful tree runs and I have been there when it has been that Champagne Powder® that they talk about, and it’s exhilarating. It’s a great ski day when that happens.”- Adrienne Fischer, Basecamp Legal.

Where is the best powder in the world? Japan? Utah? For some, the answer is Champagne Powder® of Steamboat. Since the 1950s, Steamboat has been known for its Champagne Powder. The phrase was likely created by local rancher Joe McElroy, who liked skiing at the future location of Steamboat Resort. He enjoyed how the snow rang up his nose like champagne; thus, a trademark was born.

The Courthouse News Service dived into the phrase’s history, and why it acquired the trademark. According to Justia, The trademark was filed in 2008, registered in 2010, and has since been renewed. This phrase was trademarked to distinguish their snow from one of their main competitors: Utah ski resorts(i.e. The Greatest Snow on Earth®), and not have competitors encroach on their phrase.

The typical Steamboat snowstorm travels through the Mojave Desert, making it lose a lot of its moisture. Once the storm reaches the Park range, the orthographic lift forces the air current upward, causing it to cool down and release extremely dry snow (under the right circumstances). The snow density is estimated to be 6-7.2%.

While they are able to hold the trademark, wine names using champagne are more restricted. This is because Steamboat filed the name under a recreational trademark, compared to an alcoholic one. A spokesperson for the Champagne Bureau USA distinguished the differences between the two industries:

“Importantly, the wine agreement only applies to wine — not other uses of the name ‘Champagne,’ such as ‘Champagne powder. However, we continue to work to ensure that wine place names such as Champagne are protected in all manners.”

For more descriptions of these trademarks and how they correlate with Utah’s snow and skiing trademarks, click here to read The Courthouse New Service’s article.

Image Credits: Steamboat Resort



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