Ignorant Teenager Throws Dead Tree Into Grand Canyon (Watch)

Ignorant Teenager Throws Dead Tree Into Grand Canyon (Watch)

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Ignorant Teenager Throws Dead Tree Into Grand Canyon (Watch)


Most of us know that it’s not only extremely dangerous to throw anything off the rim of The Grand Canyon, it’s illegal.

Despite this supposed common sense that most of us possess, it seems that there’s a growing trend of ignorant tourists throwing things into the Grand Canyon for views on TikTok.

Welcome to 2022. People are willing to do just about anything if it means they can increase their number of social media followers.

The video below shows what appears to be an ignorant teenager throwing a dead tree or branch into the Grand Canyon.

Check it out:


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He appears to just be a dumb kid, and kids are notorious for doing dumb things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t call him out for his ignorance.

While the odds of hitting somebody with a branch or rock is relatively low considering the Grand Canyon’s impressive size, it’s still extremely irresponsible.

The Grand Canyon is one of the busiest National Parks in the entire country. This kid has no idea if there are hikers or climbers below.

Let’s be real- there’s a weird innate desire amongst teenage boys and men to throw a rock into The Grand Canyon when they first visit. Spread this message so we can stop those weirdos from hurting others.


Grand Canyon National Park is currently investigating a social media influencer who hit multiple golf balls into the canyon. You can read more about her ignorance here.

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