Surfer Hooked By Careless Fisherman (Watch)

Surfer Hooked By Careless Fisherman (Watch)


Surfer Hooked By Careless Fisherman (Watch)


Huntington Beach, California is one of the most popular surfing spots on the planet, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for surfer’s to catch a wave in peace.

The Instagram post below claims that surfing the spot is challenging enough thanks to the “…the unruly crowds and lack of surfing etiquette…”, but there’s another danger lurking from the pier- fishing lines.

Watch as an unfortunate surfer is caught by a fishing line right off the pier.

*Just a heads up- this video contains foul language. You might want to connect your headphones if you’re viewing this in a public space.*

You can click here, or the photo below to watch the full video.

Header Image Credit: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash 


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