Credit: FACEBOOK/Sugarloaf Mountain

There’s been a lot of complaints over the past few years surrounding the recent explosion in overcrowded ski resorts across the country, including from us, and those complaints aren’t unwarranted. Both multi-mountain passes and labor shortages have contributed to the pain and suffering of waiting for too long in lift lines. If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t experienced much of that at all, as I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to ski on weekdays throughout the season, but if you’re stuck skiing on weekends or vacations only, you’ve likely seen this problem first hand.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to avoid it. You can ski on weekdays, like me, or you can try to find mountains that don’t exactly suffer from that problem, but that can still be quite difficult. Fortunately, travel website and blog The Points Guy has put together a list of the best North American resorts to avoid those brutal lines.

Of course, any time a travel website puts together lists relating to skiing, there’s a risk of that list being… out of touch. But, after going through this list myself, I’d say it’s pretty well put together! They base their decisions on the resorts’ proximity to largely populated areas, resort size, the quality of the lift system, and the number of hotel rooms/housing on the resort itself. All together, I think this is a quality list worth listening to.

Check out their list below, but be sure to head over to their website for a more detailed explanation as to why each resort ended up where it is.

Big Sky, Montana

Credit: FACEBOOK/Big Sky Resort

Skiable Acres: 5,850 ac.

Vertical: 4,350′

Average Snowfall: 400″

Banff Sunshine, Alberta

Credit: FACEBOOK/Banff Sunshine Village

Skiable Acres: 3,358 ac.

Vertical: 3,514′

Average Snowfall: 364″

Schweitzer, Idaho

Credit: FACEBOOK/Schweitzer

Skiable Acres: 2,900 ac.

Vertical: 2,400′

Average Snowfall: 300″

Sun Valley, Idaho

Credit: FACEBOOK/Sun Valley Resort

Skiable Acres: 2,400 ac.

Vertical: 3,400′

Average Snowfall: 196″

Eagle Point, Utah

Credit: FACEBOOK/Eagle Point Resort

Skiable Acres: 650 ac.

Vertical: 1500′

Average Snowfall: 350″

Powder Mountain, Utah

Credit: FACEBOOK/Powder Mountain

Skiable Acres: 8,464 ac. (with cat-served terrain)

Vertical: 3,346′

Average Snowfall: 500″

Sugarloaf, Maine

Credit: FACEBOOK/Sugarloaf Mountain

Skiable Acres: 1,240 ac.

Vertical: 2,820′

Average Snowfall: 200″

Crested Butte, Colorado

Credit: FACEBOOK/Crested Butte Mountain Resort

Skiable Acres: 1,547 ac.

Vertical: 3,062′

Average Snowfall: 236″

Grand Targhee, Wyoming

Credit: FACEBOOK/Grand Targhee Resort

Skiable Acres: 2,602 ac.

Vertical: 2,270′

Average Snowfall: 500″

Featured Image Credit: FACEBOOK/Eagle Point Resort

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