State and federal authorities are currently investigating an incident in which a group of individuals were caught tossing their garbage into the bushes of a small island in Biscayne National Park. The footage, recorded by Nicholas Rey and published to THEQUALIFIEDCAPTAIN on Instagram, has already helped police identify the suspects.

“We are currently working with our state and federal partners to levy the most significant penalties against the offenders. Through preliminary investigations, the IDU believes some of the perpetrators to be repeat offenders. The Miami-Dade Police Department will have zero tolerance towards environmental crimes.” MDPD Director Alfredo “Freddy” Ramirez to Local 10 News

Rey, who frequently visits the island located between Soldier Key and Boca Chita Key, has reported seeing trash continuously build up every time he returns. Despite being fairly close to the group, he did not confront them, fearing that he may put the family in danger by doing so. Instead, Rey captured both the littering and vessel IDs, assisting police in their investigation.

“There was already trash there, so I was already angry, seeing the trash that was already on this island, so when I saw them do it, I was like ‘Wow, these these must be the people that destroyed this beautiful oasis in the middle of the ocean.”” – Nicholas Rey

Image Credit: THEQUALIFIEDCAPTAIN on Instagram

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