“Note: core freestyle/park riders disregard.” -Jeremy Jones

You might not know it but big mountain snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones actually grew up racing slalom on the east coast where he quickly rose through the ranks before heading out west to trade in his hard boots and speed suit for an all mountain setup. In a recent IG post Jeremy reexplores the virtues of the racing stance of his youth. Obviously not for park rats but if you enjoy ripping turns and want to get a different feel for the mountain, perhaps bust out the phillips head and play with your angles like Jeremy:

“Been playing with my stance a lot lately. The biggest change has been more angle on both feet. It opens up the heel turn/chest. Looking around the resort the other day it seemed like most people make the same mistake as me, which is not enough angle, especially on the front foot. I am running roughly +15 b and +35 f, 18.5 “ w. For power freeriding I back off a few degrees on both feet and widen my stance around 21”. Note; core freestyl/park riders disregard.”

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