Winter Has Arrived Image

There are many ski areas across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast that would be absolutely thrilled to hit 100 inches of snow throughout an entire season.

Then there’s Alta Ski Area, UT, who hit the mark 8 days before they even open. Yeah, you read that correctly…

Alta has seen 100 inches of snow already this Fall, and they don’t plan on welcoming skiers until Friday, November 18th. Crazy, right?

Alta has seen a flurry of winter storms dump double-digit storm totals over the last three weeks, with 32 inches falling over the last 48 hours.

Check out the images below captured near Alta Ski Area this week by @leecohen_pics.That snow looks DEEP.

What’s even crazier is that Alta is reporting a settled base depth of 62 inches.

Can you imagine showing up for opening day at a ski area with a base depth of 5 feet? Sounds like a dream come true.

We’ll keep our eye on Alta for the rest of the season. Racking up 100 inches by November 10th is about as good to a start of a season as anybody could ever ask for.

Will the bountiful snow continue with La Niña? Will Alta set a record? Will a high pressure system stall over the area like it did last season? (let’s hope not)

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for all news relating to Alta and skiing/snowboarding throughout Utah. We’ve got you covered!

Header Image Credit: Alta Ski Area/Rocko Menzyk

Featured Image Credit: FACEBOOK/Alta Ski Area