Ford Reveals New 2023 Transit Trail Van

Ford Reveals New 2023 Transit Trail Van


Ford Reveals New 2023 Transit Trail Van


Ford has finally released details about their brand-new Transit Trail Van that’s specifically designed for #vanlifers in the product video below.

The first couple of segments of the video showcase Ford’s long history of making recreational vehicles, and provide background information into how they designed the Ford Transit Trail Van.

You can skip ahead to the 9:00 mark if you’re just interested in learning about the van’s features, specs, and improvements from previous models.

It appears that Ford has listened to the public and is essentially creating all-terrain van that is a blank canvas for DIYers and after-market outfitters.

Don’t be surprised if you see dozens of these parked across the country at some of your favorite recreational spots in the near future.

For more info about the Ford Transit Trail Van click here.

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